The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it’s all that matters.
— Audrey Hepburn
 Catch me if you can...

Catch me if you can...

Fitness  |  I really love working out. Started taking it seriously when  I was 17. I wanted a "JLO" booty LOL. Now, I have one. I competed in a bikini competition and took home a few trophies as well. Now, it's part of my everyday life style! I currently practice pilates, classical ballet, and yoga.

Music  |  I love music. I am a fellow musician, I am classically trained and play around 5 instruments. Music for me is a way to express myself, to get lost in a different form of emotion, and to release stress with tunes and melodies that fill the air with joy. I do enjoy all kinds of music as long as it's quality. My favorite group is IL VOLO. 

Fine Arts |  I very much enjoy fine arts. I attend to local ballets, musicals, symphonies, theater shows, and art galleries. I am a fan of cultured and supporting local entertainers. It's such a beautiful thing to enjoy with great company.

Current Obsession: Hamilton (broadway show) 

Traveling  |  I LOVE TRAVELING! I currently live in the USA, but I always carry my passport on hand.  I have been all over Europe(Spain, France, England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Netherlands, Monaco, and Vatican city), South America(Colombia), Oceania (New Zealand, Australia, Fiji), Asia (India, China, & Hong Kong). It has been my dream to go to the Middle East and Africa.

My favorite cities thus far are New York, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Roma, and London.

Likes  |  I love a great hygiene! A man that can smell nice, dress nice, clean room, and atmosphere. Neatly groomed men for me is SUCH A TURN ON! I also like romantic things, like candles, roses, sweet wines (ice wine is my favorite). I am a Red Sox fan and a Patriots fan. I enjoy relaxing and taking things easy, but I also enjoy having fun at a fast pace. I do LOVE fashion, movies, books, and TV shows. 

Dislikes  | I  am not of fan of someone who is impolite, rude, and with bad hygiene. I always appreciate a person who takes care of themselves as much as I do. I do not tolerate disrespect.