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The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man.
— Madame de Stael


Are you feeling generous to pamper me?

- I am also offering just dinner and drinks outside time only. Please inquire about it if interested. 

 Below I present my current donation- regardless of where else you might seen a different number.. the ones listed below are the current ones:


1 Hour - Introlude                                                                                       $1000      

1.5 Hours (preferred minimum)                                                                $1500        

2 Hours - No rush, just fun                                                                         $2000    

3 Hours - Unforgettable Moment                                                                $3000      

4 Hours - Dinner date                                                                                 $3500  **    

5 Hours-  Dinner & wine tasting                                                                 $4000  **    

6 Hours - The perfect encounter                                                                  $4500 **    

**Encounters 4+ hours require a 25% deposit

**Encounters longer than 4 hours require outside time.

Outcalls: please add $100 for travel.

  • For current patrons that book with me regularly; you will be grandathered in to $700 hourly.
  • If you currently pre-booked; I will honor the donation amount  of  the booking.

Extended Encounters

  • 12-14 hours| Slumber & Breakfast                                                           $6000   USD**
  • 14 hours      | Party all night                                                                     $7000   USD
  • 24 hours      | Adventure time                                                                     $8500   USD**
  • 48 hours      | A fantastic getaway                                                              $14000 USD**
  • Per Additional day|                                                                                    $3000   USD**

* Encounters longer than 12+ hours require beauty sleep.

Extended Encounters require 50% deposit prior of meeting

These type of encounters require personal time of at least 2 hours. I use the time to refresh myself and make sure I feel and look my best. The time is used also for maintenance such as exercise, presentation preparation, and a breather.

Exclusive Arrangements

-Only established can inquire about exclusive arrangements. 
A La Carte

  • Lovers| Minimum 2 hours                     $1000/hr
  • Fly me to you| + 6 hours                        Voyage expenses 
  • Doubles- Bring a friend-                       $2000/hr